Yakety Yak (Don’t Talk Back) by Libby Falk Jones (Ships March)


Field Guide to Growing Up a Southern Lady: School

Don’t talk back.

Don’t ask questions in Civics class or you’ll have to do a report to answer them.

Don’t learn to type or you’ll end up being a secretary.

Learn to type and/or teach school before you graduate from college in case you don’t manage to get your M.R.S. degree and have to support yourself (at least until Mr. Right turns up).

In music class, if you can’t carry a tune, stand next to someone who can and sing very softly or just mouth the words.   

Lose gracefully.  If you lose to a boy, remind everyone that no one, including you, expected you to win.

Be quiet in class, in the library, and while walking to the cafeteria.

Raise your hand for permission to speak.



A collection of poetry by Libby Falk Jones


Editor: Christopher McCurry

Cover Design: Ron Davis

Cover Artist: Ron Davis



Softcover, matte

5.5″ x 8.5″


Libby Falk Jones grew up a sweet old-fashioned girl in mid-twentieth-century Louisiana, rocking around the clock with words.  Her poems and creative nonfiction have appeared in more than 25 journals and anthologies, including Literary Accents, Still: the Journal, and Women Speak (Women of Appalachia Project). She is author or co-author of two previous poetry collections, Above the Eastern Treetops, Blue, (Finishing Line, 2010) and Balance of Five (Berea, 2015).  Winner of the 2021 Joy Bale Boone Poetry Prize from The Heartland Review, she is Professor Emerita of English at Berea College, a past president of Kentucky State Poetry Society, and a member of Bluegrass Writers Studio (Eastern Kentucky University).  Co-editor of Coming of Age:  Writing & Art by Kentucky Women Over 60 (Red Lick Valley, 2021), she lives and writes in Berea, KY. Reach her at libbyfalkjones@gmail.com


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