desire is a hungry thing by Hannah LeGris (ships November 20th)



tasted his drink, tasted his two drinks 
touched his arm under the table 
said I could be there in the morning 
took the cake out of his hand 
let myself in 
knew where the key was 
had my postcards on the fridge 
turned off the bedroom light 
thought about didion 
thought about respect 
tried to breathe evenly 
left the bedroom 
jacked off 
took a benadryl 
said we might never share a bed again 
said you just never know 
said he’d have christmas in kentucky 
came into the guest room in the morning 
laid under the afghan 
talked about the dogs ears 
talked about his mother 
talked about the winter branches 
talked about the tone of the sky 
recounted the first time we met 
recounted how he was sweating 
recounted the tone 



A collection of poetry by Hannah LeGris

Library of Congress Number: 2018910381

ISBN: 978-1-948775-03-8

Softcover, matte

5.5″ x 8.5″

Hannah LeGris holds a MA in English Literature from the University of Kentucky and a BA in English from the College of Wooster. She has taught memoir and creative nonfiction with The Young Women Writers Project, the SwallowTale Writing Project, and to University of Kentucky students. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky.


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