Cruising the Word Bar by Mary Allen (Preorder: Ships October)


Cruising the Word Bar


I am The Word

you desire.

(I flirt with my caps.)


I am The Word

to nestle

in your line, The Word

to exhilarate

your poem.


You toy with another,

clearly not your type: bad

diction, too many syllables.


Don’t settle

for second best.

Consult Roget, find

a synonym for assignation.


Let your eyes explore

other possibilities. Run

your finger down

the column. Lower … 

lower … lower … ah … tryst.

The Word!


I’m so excited my vowel

is aquiver. Yes, I’d love

for you to ply me with ink.



A collection of poetry by Mary Allen


Editor: Christopher McCurry

Cover Design: Ron Davis

Cover Artist: Ron Davis

Typesetter: Chandler Moore


ISBN: 978-1-948775-15-1

Softcover, matte

5.5″ x 8.5″


Mary Allen, who lives in Lexington, Kentucky, comes to poetry after a career in teaching and university administration. Her poetry has appeared in the journals Pegasus and Literary Accents and in the anthologies associated with Lexington Poetry Month.


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