Workhorse is a community and publishing company. We want to make studying and publishing more accessible to working writers by collaborating with a supportive, diverse, and talented community. We are dedicated to writers marginalized from mainstream literary communities. If you are queer, of color, trans, differently abled, or otherwise commonly excluded, we encourage you to reach out.

Currently we are working on the following:

Lexington Poetry Month: a month long celebration of poetry and writing challenge in June @ lexpomo.com

The Bluegrass Bookend: a radio show and podcast that airs on Lexington Community Radio

The Gauntlet Workshop: a year-long intense and generative workshop for Kentuckians

Ought Hours Mentorship: a 5-month long study with a professional and established writer

We are a small team. Christopher McCurry and Robin Rahija co-founded Workhorse in 2015. Since then we’ve built up a small but dedicated team of volunteers to help us with our projects. We wouldn’t be doing this without the support and skill of countless other working writers.

We need content creators, book binders, idea generators, motivators. We want to know you and work with you! Visit workhorsewriters.com to get in touch.