Elephants in the Casket by K. Nicole Wilson


After Pride


I went to bed

with glitter

on half my body

shiny in red curls


in the morning

it’s hardly there

on arm hairs

bare legs


and I imagine

it will never

completely leave

my bedsheets


some will remain

through washing

and drying cycles


and I wonder

(if I ever take

another lover)


if that surviving glitter

will cling to the one

who made me sing


so I won’t have to



A collection of poetry by K. Nicole Wilson


Editor: Christopher McCurry

Cover Design: Ron Davis

Cover Artist: K. Nicole Wilson

Cover Art Title: “The Jumpers”


ISBN: 978-1-948775-12-0

Softcover, matte

5.5″ x 8.5″


K. Nicole has always been weird for words and wild for all the ways to say them. Born in Dayton, OH, she was raised in Maysville, KY where her parents and kin gave her strength and hope, safe harbour in every storm. Since April you’re allowed to call her Aunt Sis or Auntie Cole to niece Wren Louisa, the best baby of all time and shining light amidst the haze of pandemic grief. With a B.A. in Secondary English Education from University of Kentucky and an M.F.A. in poetry from Spalding University, Nicole would like one day to be in a classroom again. Her work has been in a journal here and there and she always participates in the June phenomenon that is Lexington Poetry Month. Her first chapbook, This Temple, published by Finishing Line Press was printed Winter 2016. She will perform publicly when properly enticed, and enjoys reading for podcasts and poetic/sporting interviews. Currently K. Nicole operates a small home art studio she’s dubbed Hypergraphia, where she paints, hibernates, and forgets to rhyme (and perhaps reason) more than advisable.


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