Hands: Ten Fingers in a Game of Never Have I Ever by Helen Feibes


Jupiter has 79 moons


when you enter the ripe age of 17 

and you’re flush with colors like a peach

and grow fuzz you loathe above your upper lip

when your thighs are a little larger than they were last summer

and your stomach has become a pit, rigid and warm

when womanhood has begun to look good on you

everything will start to look like a moon

to you, Jupiter

1. each fingernail is a dense crescent

2. pupils are Callisto, coated in blue hues

5. a clock

18. souls are full moons or new moons, no in-between

79. tummy curves, yours a waning crescent, hers a waxing gibbous

you are 17 now, you are motherless

you can relate anything to a moon, 

doesn’t that make you special?



A collection of poetry by Helen Feibes

ISBN: 978-1-948775-05-2

Softcover, matte

5.5″ x 8.5″

Helen Feibes is a member of Lafayette High School’s graduating class of 2019 and will be taking a twelve-hour drive up north from Kentucky to Massachusetts to attend Amherst College in the fall. She will be studying neuroscience and continuing to cram poetry into a black leather-bound notebook. She keeps a fortune cookie fortune with her lucky number 11 in the back of her phone case but does not believe in luck; she just likes the sound of it. 


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