The Two Body Problem by Joseph Allen Nichols


Interlude, To Ophelia; To Ophelia, on the Memory of Flowers


They are but sweet, but figures of delight

-Shakespeare, Sonnet 98


The language of flowers is circumspect;

for all their latent beauty, they must pass

a cryptic message in their leaves—while we,

the breaths of brighter leaves within our lungs,

exhale the same, too often, on our knees.

You have been absent from my spring, and go

to spread your hair like lilies in the pool—

I’m left to drink these words, the summer cast

like stars against the dark and poppies to the sky

and silence to the garden of our bones.

You’re not alone; the prayers of saints remain

in earthen beds, the seeds of restless sleep—

and mortal as both flower and man may lie,

memory’s the stone in Saturn’s eye.

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A collection of poetry by Joseph Nichols

ISBN: 978-1-948775-11-3

Softcover, matte

5.5″ x 8.5″

Joseph Allen Nichols is a middle-aged father, trapped in the dreams of a lost boy, whose light is driven forward by a lengthening shadow.  He’s worked for alphabet agencies, the United States Navy, a couple journals, a state agency, a few gas stations, as a spiritual medium, and too many years (too many years ago) at a number of Krogers and Fazoli’s.  He is currently an officiant and DJ with A to Z Productions and relishes his little part in telling love stories.

He’s a graduate of the University of Kentucky and EKU’s MFA writing program with The Bluegrass Writers Studio.  He’s won a couple awards, been in a couple shows, yada yada, but all that truly matters is what follows:  His body currently calls the arts community in Lexington, KY, home, but his mind resides in and alongside any number of cities and countries (and the people he was blessed to meet in each one) he’s flown (and known) along the way.

His family (his sons, Isaac and Jonathan; his tiny dog, Emily; his veritable-panther/familiar, Cookie; and a few others) are the anchors that keep him smiling and somewhere near a semblance of what someone was once heard calling the real world.


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