Yearling: Poetry Journal Volume 1


Poets Featured:

Linda Bryant Davis
Gaby Bedetti
Stephen Jackson
Holly Spinelli
Tabitha Dial
Kevin Nance
Mike Wilson
Adrian Odessa Federspiel
A. Mills
Dennis J. Preston
Tom C. Hunley
Holly James
Roberta Schultz
Austen Reilley
Linda Freudenberger
William Brymer
Kathleen Gregg
Ginna Wilkerson
J.L. Taylor
Amy Le Ann Richardson
Allison Thorpe
Marta Dorton
Katherine M. Paisley
Katerina Stoykova

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Workhorse’s Poetry Journal featuring work from our community of writers and those new to our vision of providing a place for working writers to publish and find community.


Managing Editor: Manuel J. Grimaldi 

Editor: Christopher McCurry 

Editor: Meredith Dill

Cover Art: upfromsumdirt

Cover Design: Ron Davis 


First Edition

Softcover, matte

6.5″ x 9″


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