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Chris Picks a Workhorse Title for You 

If you haven’t read or purchased poetry in awhile, Christopher McCurry will select one of the chapbooks he thinks will be the best fit for you and mail it directly! Books sold from the staff direction go to supporting artists in need. Currently we are selling books to help Jude McPherson raise money for a new vehicle. He’s look to expand his reading and workshop opportunities.



Jude McPherson (JC, Chris, black sunshine) has never thought of himself as a poet. He looks at his ability to write poetry as one of devices in his tool bag. He likes a good cup of tea. Blowing things up. The Silver Surfer. Good Thai food. Ask him and he may tell you he wants to be a human Swiss Army knife. Yeah, he’s written some stuff. A book or two out there somewhere. But he’s more likely to talk to you about baseball or quantum mechanics or outer space than he is about poetry. He’s a native of Versailles, Ky.


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