Feedback Readers

Originally from KY, trailing remnants of CA, GA, MD, Jordan, Spain, and, in particular, Lisbon, in his shadow, Joseph Nichols has returned with his two sons to make KY their home. By day, he slaves away for his evil step-parent, the state transportation cabinet; by weekend, he is a modern day minstrel with A to Z Productions Mobile DJ. But when the sun goes down you may find him wanderin–body, mind, or spirit–likened to a character from Robert Herrick’s poetry: “Here we are all, by day; by night we’re hurled/ by dreams, each one, into a several world.” A graduate of EKU’s Bluegrass Writers Studio, and a hopeful romantic, Joseph’s poetry and nonfiction have appeared in staged productions, mixed media, and spoken word exhibitions across the U.S. He has been shortlisted for The Summer Literary Seminars Annual Poetry Contest as well as for the Disquiet International Prize.

Sylvia Collings is a poet from Lexington, Kentucky. She has been in The Young Women Writers Series at The Carnegie Center, and is currently in The Gauntlet by Workhorse Publishing. Some of her work can be found in Killjoy’s #catastrophe. She’s also the author of Oak, a poetry reader and Internship Coordinator at Lemon Star Magazine and a mom of 5 cats and a dog.

Doug Self is a poet.